Episode One - The First Beatitude

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Every step you take, every decision you make has strange consequences...some really sweet and some not so good. You must remember things in the world around you, you must be quick and you must be strategic to solve the mystery of Battlement.

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Expansion Module One

  • Awards
  • (10) U.S. Eagle Solid Gold Coins
  • 220 SIG Hand Gun
  • Small 25 auto hand gun and holster
  • Cell Phone
  • Crucifix
  • Knife
  • Box Cutter
  • Rosary
  • Plate of Brownies
  • Shirt
  • Tie
  • Sweater
  • Ten Dollar Bill
  • Bus Pass
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The Game Interface is very simple. Battlement introduces an inovative interactive cinematic genre. As you move around, it switches from one still shot to another, but there are so many of them, from every conceivable angle, that this is rarely a problem. There are occasional moving video sequences which can be interesting.

All interaction with the system is done using the mouse. Clicking on the center of the screen moves the player forward. Clicking on the side of the screen turns, or if appropriate will turn and then move. Objects are manipulated by clicking on them.

The Login facility is not enabled while you are playing the game. However, once you have received a Game Over screen then it becomes available. When you log back on, you can pick up where you left off.

There is a transfer facility and a redeem facility located at the bottom of the screen below the login. The transfer facility enables you to transfer points to other players so long as you know their TCODE and username. This becomes very helpful because in some cases you cannot advance in the game based on the number of points you alone can score. Therefore, to sacrifice points to another player, they would have to be a very good friend. There is no chat facility in battlement, but we encourage you to utilize the popular online chats such as twitter, facebook, etc., to communicate with your friends, especially when you need a point transfer.

Battlement is set in trendy downtown Denver. Before the end of the game you will have visited all of the best establishments.

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In episode 1 The First Beatitude, You are in a trashed out DHA two-bedroom apartment. The "hit-you-over-the head" references to DHA are important clues as you advance in the game. The apartment has a guest bedroom (if you want to call it that!), a master bedroom, bathroom, living room and a kitchen. The bedrooms and living room have televisions that play different videos as you score more points in the game. Each room has items you need to collect to advance. You should watch the videos very carefully as they contain clues on how to score more points and find awards. But, you have to be strategic as you search for items because they are only available in a certain sequence. This is the part that makes the game hard. Because you need to watch the videos to get clues, but if you watch too many together, you will time out. And then you have to worry about Latravis and his wing-man, Toby again. "SPOILER ALERT!" Surely by now, there are some cheats online to get you through the sequences.

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Awards are redeemed online but must be picked up at the merchant establishment. Once you redeem the award online, the merchant is contacted and notified. You must present two pieces of identification, along with the award certificate number, in order to pick up your merchandise. In some cases you will have to prove you are at least 18 years old to pick up the merchandise.

Visit these great merchants to see what your game awards can buy!

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Q - Why would I want to advertise in Swing Vote's Battlement game?

A - Because a whole lot of people that want to buy and win your products will see it.

Q - Where will my ad be seen?

A - Throughout the game, there are a number of television screens, billboards, and buildings where your ad can appear.

Q - How much will it cost me to have this ad ?

A - Your static ad will appear in a module of Battlement for a period of one month for one hundred dollars. That's a lot of exposure for a little bit of money!

Q - What if I want a video ad?

A - For two hundred and fifty dollars, your video ad will appear in a module of Battlement for a period of one month. You can't get that anywhere else!

Q - Does Swing Vote have any other opportunities for my ads?

A - Sure. You can run your ad in the sidebar of Swing Vote Magazine where it will be seen by 50,000 subscribers each week. With one click, they are on your website! For one hundred dollars a week, how else are you going to drive that kind of traffic to your website?

Q Can I have awards in Battlement?

A Yes. You can also achieve a lot of exposure by donating awards to the game for players to win. These awards can be one-time awards or they can be multiple awards depending on your preference.

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Downloads of Battlement original music tracks are available for purchase from the artist by contacting us at battlement@swingvotemag.com


Aaron Barwick as LaTravis
Kristen Rebollo as Kristen
Bradley Murphy as Toby

Gloria Johnston

Lonnie McCabe

Lauren Michaels

script writing
Russ McGregor

Chantelle Geyer
Jude DeLorca
Scott Bershof
Staphanie DeCamp
Laura Grolla

Adriana Carlson
Bernard Grant
Michael Hamaker
Marvin Kelly
Stevan Maxwell
David Puller

Theresa Trejo
Ietef Hotep Vita
Chris Pogar

original score
"FIRE" by Quincy Mitchell
"SCARED MONEY" by Plat (Sam Bershof)
"QUIT PLAYIN" by Knymac
"DANGEROUS" by Marcus

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